ESTOY SANO is an electronic marketplace for laboratory tests in Mexico with national coverage and a great variety and quality of Covid-19 tests.

Our network of laboratories operates in more than 50 destinations in Mexico, close to the most important international airports in the country.

As part of the Amadeus Safe Travel Ecosystem, ESTOY SANO offers more than 90,000 travel agents around the world, (connected to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect) the possibility of purchasing COVID-19 tests in Mexico as a quality service for their customers, who will be traveling to Mexico and require a negative COVID test upon check-in on their return flight.

YES. Our digital platform operates with algorithms that make the PCR or antigen tests against COVID-19 comply with the validity requirements of each country of destination.

Each COVID-19 laboratory result is submitted to a rigorous electronic accreditation process, under international validation rules recognized by 149 countries.

Our legal tech process includes the authentication of the laboratory that is issuing the result, the coding and encryption of the PDF, time-stamping to control the entire electronic accreditation process, international notarization of the transaction and registration before an authorized entity. The laboratory document includes a QR code with the specifications of the European Union that can be read with authorized Apps.

Because a) we have an extensive network of legally authorized laboratories in Mexico; b) we offer competitive prices; c) we raise the quality of the product through our tech legal process of electronic accreditation; d) we have personal attention in Spanish and English at extended hours within Mexico.

On our website URL

  • Enter the country to which your passenger will travel on his/her return flight.
  • Enter the IATA code of the airport that the passenger will use.
  • Enter the state of Mexico where the passenger will be present 24-72 hours prior to his/her return flight.
  • Select the Municipality where your passenger will be staying on those days, in order to offer you the available laboratory options in that area.
  • Select the Destination within the Municipality, which you consider most suitable for your client.
  • Select the type of COVID test that you’re client need (PCR or Antigen).
  • Select what you prefer for your client(s): a) sample collection at home or b) sample collection in the laboratory facilities or in one of the hotels with sample collection.
  • Choose the date and time of the test.
  • Enter the data of the first passenger.
  • Enter the data of the rest of the passengers.
  • Pay with the travel agency’s international credit or debit card.

We will send a thank you email for the purchase to both all passengers and the travel agency, confirming the reservation of the test, specifying the place, the date and time of sampling.

Payment receipt will only be sent to the travel agency, since the tests purchased through the URL must be paid by the travel agent using its business credit or debit card.

In this way, the final price fom ESTOY SANO will only be known by the travel agency, and it will be able to charge the client an additional service fee.

For any questions or clarification, call us or write us by WhatsApp to the phone number 4424-7964-53 (English or Spanish)



Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm / Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm

No, Estoy Sano is a health marketplace. We provide a catalogue of laboratories and tests so you can choose what’s best for you in terms of price, service and attention

We are a digital platform. You can check the laboratories nearest to you through our web page If you are still in doubt you can dial 5519362955

In our web page you will find information about prices and tests. Our search engine will show you the options best suited for your area, whether home service or in one of the branches

PCR test delivery time depends on each laboratory. Once the test is paid for and performed, the lab will give you the time of delivery. It goes from 24 to 48 hours

Your results will be delivered via email. They will include a QR code so you can scan them for further occasions. In case they are for traveling purposes you may scan the QR code attached to the email and your name, your passport number and the test result will appear.

In order to make a reservation for your test you must follow the procedure shown at This is in order to protect your personal and financial information.

No, the payment process is carried out only through our page.

Yes, in addition to the payment options with credit or debit card, we have the option of payment through bank transfer or also via Oxxo Pay.

Yes. Antigen tests are quick tests that produce results the same day. Results are usually ready between 30 minutes and 3 hours. However we encourage you to ask your doctor about the test you need.

The results of a test performed at your address will take around 6 hours to arrive, but the exact time will be provided by the laboratory according to the time the test was performed

Fill in the required fields (where are you traveling to, date and time, State, Municipality). Choose the laboratory you prefer. Choose your test. Once you find the page of your test, enter “buy” (aguas en español) and proceed. If you still have doubts you can call 5519362955

Payment of the test should be in full with a credit or debit card when you purchase it via our platform

For the moment we don’t have that benefit

We don’t have that service. The Health Secretariat may provide it at.

We only provide services in México

You may check the web site of that country’s embassy or consulate

For the moment we don’t provide that kind of service

Pay with credit card

Our partner Conekta allows you to make payments with debit cards and through Oxxo Pay.


Our electronic results accreditation is recognised by 149 countries

Safety from beginning to end

Protect your personal information and avoid problems due to an non-valid CoViD-19 test