Integral privacy note ESTOY SANO

A. Identity and address of responsible party.

Sistemas de Experiencia BIEX, S.A de C.V. is the owner and operator of the Plataforma Estoy Sano ( located at Presidente Masaryk 191-1, Colonia Polanco, Sección V, Miguel Hidalgo municipality, Zip/postal code 11560, Mexico City, who will be responsible for the management of the personal and sensitive data provided to our app, web app, for mobile devices or desktop computers (hence ford denominated indistinctly: platform, app, web app), who will from now on be denominated “Estoy Sano”. Estoy Sano will be responsible of the management of the personal data you provide to the platform Estoy Sano.

B. Personal data gathered and submitted to management.

To accomplish the objectives described in the present privacy notice, Estoy Sano will collect within the Estoy Sano webpage or App the following personal information:

  1. ID information: full name .
  2. Contact data: email, mobile phone, , country of residence, city and zip/postal code.
  3. International flight data and travel group: full name of every member of the group, accompanying the registered user, passport number, country where the passport was issued, country of flight destination, and date and time of flight.
  4. Personal Address: street name, exterior and interior numbers, neighborhood, municipality, city, zip code, and physical references, in order to schedule a home-office- or-hotel visit to take nasopharynx samples for the Covid Tests.
  5. Vaccination personal data: information that the user wishes to publish voluntarily through the platform about his/her vaccination events against SARS-CoV-2 virus or other epidemiological agents, which Estoy Sano will legitimate, encrypt and safeguard until the user instructs otherwise, and shares by him/herself with third parties.
  6. Biometric information: When Mexican nationals or legal residents in Mexico request to Estoy Sano a Health Pass that can be shown at public venues, stadiums, auditoriums, airlines, airports, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and different private entrance environments, Estoy Sano will request images of personal identification documents like INE credentials or Mexican passports and CURP number in order to legitimate personal vaccination certificates issued by the Mexican Government.
  7. Location info: information that the user provides voluntarily through any mobile device to share its physical location in a specific date, time and place, with a purpose of epidemiological follow up or physical contact with other users of the platform.
  8. Patrimonial and financial info: banking and fiscal information that you provide in case you decide to electronically hire any of the goods and services offered by the Estoy Sano platform.

All personal and sensitive data will be directly provided by you and will be dealt with the security measures enforced by the Personal Data in Possession of Particulars Federal Law and all other applicable norms.

C. Primary management purposes.

Estoy Sano will handle your personal data for the next primary purposes:

  1. To generate, if needed, a personal register in the Estoy Sano platform to identify you electronically.
  2. To commercialize PCR, antigen or antibody viral tests from authorized laboratories and/or pharmacies by the Mexican sanitary authorities, that the user purchases, programs and consults digitally through the Estoy Sano platform.
  3. Deliver to you, given the case the clinical results of the PCR, antigen viral tests that you have purchased through the platform, after treating said documents with integrity, encryption and digital traceability protocols that make them certain and inviolable.
  4. Offer the comfort of reserving the application of anti Covid-19 jabs or other pandemic agents, as well as control and safeguard your vaccination certificates in a digital, trustworthy and inviolable manner.
  5. Offer, as a user of the platform, the voluntary completion of third-party health risk questionaries that others want completed through the platform.
  6. Share the information of your viral tests and vaccines against Covid-19 with obligatory governmental information systems, or with travel reservations, flights, hotels, etc., networks that will facilitate the user the digital demonstration of its sanitary immunity status before third parties.
  7. Facilitate the reception of the infection alerts from users that have been in the same date, time, place, location, installation, or events where Covid-19 or other pandemic illnesses have been reported.
  8. Notify you the status of sanitary risks that certain community has decided to monitor and voluntarily share through the platform.
  9. For the electronic purchase of goods and services within the Estoy Sano platform in case you wish so.
  10. Receive your complaints and suggestions.
D. Secondary management purposes

Estoy Sano will handle your personal data with the following secondary purposes:

  1. Give you an option to hire assistance or travel services related to any sanitary emergency, in which case you will be redirected to the web page of the qualified service provider.
  2. Show you digital publicity and/or advertisements, electronic promotions and/or additional functions within the platform according to your profile.
  3. To carry out opinion or consumer preference polls.
  4. Affiliate you to subscriptions, memberships and/or affinity programs that you choose within the platform.
  5. Offer you other products or services that might interest you, through electronic platforms operated by Sistemas de Experiencia BIEX S.A de C.V., its partners, or commercial allies.
  6. For related payment and billing procedures, transactions operated through the platform.
E. Personal data transfers.

Your personal data might be shared according to the following, towards the following recipients and for the following purposes:

  • Establishments, health related businesses, insurance companies, commercial enterprises, electronic markets and diverse entities with which you may hire a service or purchase a product through the platform, for payment and billing effects, as well as the continuity and the traceability of your purchase and/or delivery.
  • With judiciary or administrative authorities when they require so.

The transfer of said data does not require your consent to be carried out. We can also share your identity and contact information with the following entities:

  • Commercial allies with the purpose of offering you services and products of your interests.
  • With clubs, associations, businesses, shows, events or commercial, cultural and sport installations that require said information to us so they can offer you services and goods, memberships and voluntary purchases, to improve your safety environment in the New Normality.

For said transfers we do need your consent so when you give us your information you are giving us your consent. To revoke your consent please read the next section:

F. Means and procedures to exercise ARCO rights and/or revoking your consent for the handling of your personal data.

You or your legal representative can exercise any of the Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition Rights (Hence ford ARCO rights) as well as revoke your consent for the handling of your personal data sending an email to the Estoy Sano person responsible of personal data, to the following address: in the terms that are described ahead.

  • OWNER INFORMATION: Full name, telephone and email (where the answer will be sent)
  • REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION (only in case): Full name. In case it is the legal representative of the owner, the request must include the legal public instrument in original or given the case, power of attorney signed by two witnesses.
  • ARCO RIGHTS: State clearly the right(s) that you wish to exercise: access, rectification, cancellation and/or opposition. You must also describe the personal data about which you want to exercise those rights and/or any other comment that may help us take better care of your request.
  • OTHER NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION: Please include the documentation that you deem necessary to sustain your request so you can help us process it conveniently. In particular in the request you must indicate which is the information that you wish to rectify, the correct information and the document that accredits the new information.

In case the information you provide in your letter is incorrect or insufficient or that corresponding documents of accreditation are not given to us, the person responsible for personal information of Estoy Sano, within the next five working days to the reception of the requirement may ask you to put forward the elements or necessary documentation to process it. You will have ten working days, beginning on the next day in which you received the request to comply. If you don’t answer in said timeframe, it will be understood that you did not present the corresponding request.

The personal data manager at Estoy Sano will let you know the result in a maximum of twenty working days beginning on the date in which your request was received. If your request proceeds, it will be made effective within the next fifteen working days following the day in which you received the answer. The answer will be given via the email that you provided in your request.

G. Means to limit the use or publication of your information.

You can limit the use or publication of your personal data by sending a request to . In case your request proceeds it will be registered in the exclusion listing owned by Estoy Sano. For more information, please contact the person responsible of internal information of Estoy Sano through the email

H. Personal data protection authority.

In case you consider it necessary you have the right to go before the national institute for transparency, access to information and personal data protection (INAI) to present your inconformity with regards to your personal data protection right.

I. Contact for doubts and more information.

Our person responsible for personal data will gladly provide you with any additional information required or, given the case solve any doubt that you might have with regards to privacy and personal data protection. You can contact us at

J. Cookies and web beacons

When you surf on the Estoy Sano app or its website, our cookies, service register and the web beacons collect your information. Said information is gathered by the use and interaction with our platform. The information is used solely with statistical purposes related to the time you spent in our platform, as well as the sites and platforms of third parties that brought you to our sight. The information is also used to update the owners profiles. Said technologies are necessary for the functionality of the application. To know more about the subject, you may consult

K. Changes or modifications to the privacy notice

This privacy notice may be modified, changed, or updated according to new legal requirements; our own necessities because of the services we provide; our privacy practices; changes to our business model. For that reason, Estoy Sano will keep you informed of the changes this privacy notice may have. At any moment you can request this document to the person responsible of personal information of Estoy Sano through the email

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