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Estoy Sano is born as a leading health ecosystem, based on technological innovation at the service of Mexico, with the capacity to offer the widest range of specialized health products and services, through all our commercial partners.

As the only health marketplace in Mexico, we accompany and enhance the growth of this strategic sector, with a global and comprehensive vision of health, whose main challenge is to strengthen the health care of people wherever they are, diluting the barriers to access to health care and the purchase of all kinds of supplies, tests and studies.

We are the only digital platform in Latin America, dedicated to help you with your health profile check, with the largest national network of antigen and PCR tests for COVID-19 detection. In Estoy Sano we provide you with the right solution according to your needs.

In case the reason for your test is for travel, we accompany you in the process from identifying the entry requirements of each country, the maximum duration of the PCR or antigen tests that you must present to fly from Mexico, to obtaining inviolable digital results that we keep on your behalf for up to 2 years. All from the comfort of your cell phone and at the lowest possible cost.

In the near future, we will also offer certified electronic accreditation of your Mexican vaccination voucher, through registration protocols, time stamps, encryption and notarization of results, with inviolable results that are recognized in 149 countries.

Convenience and trust in one single place

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Digital simplicity

To schedule and pay for the study of your choice.

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Wide offer

About laboratories authorized by COFEPRIS.

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Great coverage

In the 32 capital cities of the country. Check our network of laboratories closest to your municipality.

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Of collection of samples at home

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Of digital results with protection of personal data for tests COVID-19.

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Encrypted results

Through QR to access the information and check the validity by part of the airlines and COVID-19 testing authorities.

Easy and safe!


  • Covid Test for international travel or daily life
  • Current location
  • Your preferred lab or pharmacy
  • Take your test:

  • Go to your scheduled appointment or wait for our representative visit
  • Certified results:

  • Recieve your test results with special QR code.
  • Pay with credit card

    Our partner Conekta allows you to make payments with debit cards and through Oxxo Pay.


    Our electronic results accreditation is recognised by 149 countries

    Safety from beginning to end

    Protect your personal information and avoid problems due to an non-valid CoViD-19 test